Testing – is the bench good enough?

Quality is important to everybody. Our customers expect the highest standards of workmanship. Our reputation depends on meeting or exceeding those expectations. It follows then that quality control is of paramount importance. For this reason, at Essex Amp Repairs we believe that bench testing alone is not good enough to pass a piece of equipment as being suitable for return to the customer. To be certain that our work has been effective, each item of equipment is play tested after the bench test programme has been run. Using guitar amps as an example, it is quite possible for an amp to pass all the bench test parameters, and yet still fail to perform adequately as a musical instrument. The play test will reveal any such shortcomings. Any amp that does not pass the play test gets sent back to the bench to be reworked. Only when an amp passes both tests do we deem it as meeting our quality standards.

We won’t accept second best, neither should you.

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